In the start, a man wearing black is walking in a dark street, he is following another man with the intention to kill him, he succeeds and escapes the murder scene without being seen. The day after the case is being investigated by Detective Will Carlson whom is faced with a very difficult situation as there are no witnesses. After some investigations in the area he finds out that the victim is the son of mafia boss in Brooklyn, Luigi Palazzetto, at this point Detective Carlson narrows it down and realizes that the murder was planned and that it must have been someone who is fighting a war against the Palazzetto family in Brooklyn. He meets Alison foster (Palazzetto), who in reality is the sister of the deceased son of Luigi Palazzetto, she was sent by her father to find out who killed his son and to then kill him before the detective found him and sent him to jail. She obviously falls in love with Mr Carlson whom loves her as well, but then he finds out about her past as a Hit-Woman. However,  he doesn’t realize that she is part of the Palazzetto family. Alison’s heart is broken and she starts going crazy, she follows the detective around secretly with hope of finding the murderer of her brother. In the end Detective Carlson finds the murderer hiding in his basement, he arrests him and brings him back to his car. Alison, who is parked right behind the detective’s car thunders out of her car, brings out her revolver and shoots both in the head.



What key elements we would need to include in our Film Noir opening to conform to the expectations of the genre, audience and a film opening


-Film titles

-dark alley (setting for the murder scene)

-mysterious murderer in long trenchcoat and hat

-knife (weapon of the murderer)

build up tension by score (mysterious Film Noir themes music) page 6 : Final transgression

-strong contrast street lighting

-transition into daylight showing the bodybag of the victim

-showing the crime scene investigated with the detective doing his job and holding his character as a cold hearted anti hero status

-crime scene tape

-at the crime scene the femme fatale, elegantly dressed observing the detective to plan on seducing him with her charms

Aural diagram sound opening and titles: Kiss Me Deadly

00:01- chanting heavy breathing of panicking lady & sound of running feet on the ground

00:07- dramatic music playing emphasising the tension of the running chanting and running lady

00:11- sound of car driving towards the lady at high speed

00:13- sound of car engine fading as it passes the lady while hearing the sound of her catching her breath and chanting

00:18- panicking lady calling out her dialogue :’wait!’

00:21- another car engine passing by

00:25- lady sighing of desperation

00:34- non diegetic background music comes to high peak together with a car engine coming towards the object

00:36- screeching tires of car breaking

00:39- car stopping with sound of sand flying up in the air

00:41- lady chants of relief that the car engine has stopped

00:43- diegetic sound from the vehicles radio playing upbeat music

00:45- vehicle restarting the an stressed engine

00:54- male driving of the vehicle using dialogue: ‘you almost recked  my car,… well?’.

01:00- speechless and stressed lady chanting while male uses dialogue: ‘well get in!’

01:04 car engine restarting

01:07- female voice on the radio announcing another track

01:15- car door opening

01:22- car engine working

01:23- car door closing

01:28- gloomy blues music playing from the radio

01:30- car engine in the background

01:31- female chanting and crying

Sound In Our Film Noir

In our Film Noir we are using a soundtrack as the background music in the opening sequence together with Foley sounds to enhance the audio quality of the following sounds:

-Foot steps

-painful grunt

-noise of knife stabbing into the body, through clothing of the victim

-victim’s heavy body dropping to the ground

-camera flash and noise of pictures take by press

-police radio operating

-ambulance car siren in the background

-sound of tape set around the crime scene