Aural diagram sound opening and titles: Kiss Me Deadly

00:01- chanting heavy breathing of panicking lady & sound of running feet on the ground

00:07- dramatic music playing emphasising the tension of the running chanting and running lady

00:11- sound of car driving towards the lady at high speed

00:13- sound of car engine fading as it passes the lady while hearing the sound of her catching her breath and chanting

00:18- panicking lady calling out her dialogue :’wait!’

00:21- another car engine passing by

00:25- lady sighing of desperation

00:34- non diegetic background music comes to high peak together with a car engine coming towards the object

00:36- screeching tires of car breaking

00:39- car stopping with sound of sand flying up in the air

00:41- lady chants of relief that the car engine has stopped

00:43- diegetic sound from the vehicles radio playing upbeat music

00:45- vehicle restarting the an stressed engine

00:54- male driving of the vehicle using dialogue: ‘you almost recked  my car,… well?’.

01:00- speechless and stressed lady chanting while male uses dialogue: ‘well get in!’

01:04 car engine restarting

01:07- female voice on the radio announcing another track

01:15- car door opening

01:22- car engine working

01:23- car door closing

01:28- gloomy blues music playing from the radio

01:30- car engine in the background

01:31- female chanting and crying


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