EVALUATION: 3 – What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Even though we used Warner Brothers as our Studio/ Distributor, I feel that if Lionsgate were to distribute or push the film, it would reach a larger audience. Take The Hunger Games or the Divergent series. These films are made to a poor or sub-perfect quality and are based off of ‘young adult’ novels. They reach a huge audience of impressionable young people and are responsible for explosion of the genre of PG friendly violence sci-fi action films with overcomplicated jargon and unexplained backstory. Regardless of the quality of these films, they make an enormous amount of money and reach many people all across the world. The Film Noir genre is dwindling ever so slightly except for a few successful Neo-Noir Chris Nolan films and I feel like Lionsgate would be a good studio to bring it to life. They would have great advertising campaigns and would certainly push the film into the public eye, hopefully re-invigorating the genre, allowing it to grow into the popular style it once was.


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