EVALUATION: 4 – Who would be the audience for your media product?

The ideal audience member for our piece would be a ‘Young Alt’ or a ‘Metaller’ according to UKTRIBES. The people that would go to the cinema to see our film would be interested in cinema and drawn in by the fact that it’s a Film Noir. For me, the idea audience member would be myself. My favourite film is Pulp Fiction, not a Noir, I know, but a piece of cult gold. The people that would come to see our film for any other reason other than being left gobsmacked by a mind-blowing trailer, would appreciate classic cinema and enjoy the classic style and black and white style of our film. We wouldn’t welcome the philistines* who get bored of the fact that it’s black and white. We want our audience to be cultured and somewhat educated in film or cinema culture. I think that the film might be popular with hipsters and alternative people, looking to find a niche to attach their names to, before everyone else does.






*Philistine = No Culture
A conformist in everything they do. A person who is obsessed with sports, muscle cars and mountain dew. They listen to whatever everyone else is listening to, wear whatever everyone else is wearing, and avoid anything that is in the least bit unusual, unique, or eccentric. They tend to have little to no use for art, be of limited intelligence, be obsessed with such things as NASCAR, tend to drive gas guzzling vehicles like Extended cab Pickup Trucks. They are the fuel behind reality television. They love ATVs and all the damage they cause to the land.


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